I love the 3D Box Target I bought, it stops my arrows very effectively and pulls out surprisingly easy.
Thank you very much; I truly enjoy practicing on your target.
Freddy de Villiers (Cape Town)

I would like to thank you immensely for all the help and advice you have given me. Your time and effort put into typing the process I should ideally follow is much appreciated.

Emma King


I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful work you did on my gemsbok skull.

Kind regards
Graca de Abreu

We used your Fish Target at a big 3D shoot, there were 80 shooters and we used it in all 3 rounds, so it copped a beating,
but is still in good condition. Everyone was amazed at the targets stopping ability and self healing ability.
They didnt believe me it was moulded from a real fish until i showed them your website.  
James Faull (Australia)

Het die Vis Teikens gekry, awesome, baie goed gedoen. Kan sien die trots in jul werk!
My dogtertjie natuurlik n ball gehad met die boks visse…
Etienne (Hide-out Bow & Hunting Shop)

Thank you for an unforgettable experience and a unique and interesting Taxidermy Course.  Your hospitality and catering was fantastic. An extremely enjoyable long weekend.

Darrin Hofmeyr - May 2014

Taxidermy has been my passion and profession since 1990, when I started working at the South African Museum (SAM) in Cape Town. 

The first thing I learned about taxidermy was the meaning of the word, derived from the Greek words, “taxis” - meaning order, arrangement or preparation and “derma” - meaning skin.

Since 1998 I have run my own small taxidermy business and I specialise in Skull Mounts, Shoulder Mounts, Birds and Fish.

Busch Taxidermy is a fully State veterinarian-approved and registered facility, complying with the standards set by our authorities and in accordance to all the required regulations.  For exporting of trophies to destinations outside of South Africa, we can arrange all the necessary requirements for trophy delivery, packing, crating, documentation and shipping.

Taxidermy feeds my creativity and constantly challenges me to produce my best for the clients who commission my work. Since I have been practicing taxidermy I look at our natural environment through different eyes and I appreciate all of it's variety and beauty.

I invite you to look into my world.

André Busch

Paw Print

Professionally Qualified in Taxidermy and Zoological Preparation

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