I love the 3D Box Target I bought, it stops my arrows very effectively and pulls out surprisingly easy.
Thank you very much; I truly enjoy practicing on your target.
Freddy de Villiers (Cape Town)

I would like to thank you immensely for all the help and advice you have given me. Your time and effort put into typing the process I should ideally follow is much appreciated.

Emma King


I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful work you did on my gemsbok skull.

Kind regards
Graca de Abreu

We used your Fish Target at a big 3D shoot, there were 80 shooters and we used it in all 3 rounds, so it copped a beating,
but is still in good condition. Everyone was amazed at the targets stopping ability and self healing ability.
They didnt believe me it was moulded from a real fish until i showed them your website.  
James Faull (Australia)

Het die Vis Teikens gekry, awesome, baie goed gedoen. Kan sien die trots in jul werk!
My dogtertjie natuurlik n ball gehad met die boks visseā€¦
Etienne (Hide-out Bow & Hunting Shop)

Thank you for an unforgettable experience and a unique and interesting Taxidermy Course.  Your hospitality and catering was fantastic. An extremely enjoyable long weekend.

Darrin Hofmeyr - May 2014

Taxidermy and Our Community

I pride myself on giving back of my learning and skills to the community. 

We have hosted various groups, amongst others a group of children from the Herberg Children's Home, and our local Klaasvoogds Primary School. 

The groups are enlightened about taxidermy and are given a behind the scenes tour 

  • taxidermy processes are explained and demonstrated
  • brief introduction to animal, bird and fish taxidermy
  • working with skins
  • working with skulls
  • how moulds are made
  • working with glass eyes

They are also inspired to respect nature and the importance of the need for conservation of our natural environment.

My workshop assistant, Denzel Mothibi, came from our local school and is proving himself to be an example for others to follow.  Denzel began working with me in 2006, and he has matured into a very talented and efficient taxidermy assistant.  I am very proud of his ongoing learning and capabilities.



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